Find Time by Exploring the Values Conflicts Inside Your Time Traps

Finding time would be so much easier, if only it weren’t for those time traps!  Isn’t it puzzling, that you’re willing to give up so many wonderful pastimes in order to slide into those ruts that you’d sworn to “just say no” to?

Well, why not try a fresh approach?

What if you were to turn the spotlight right onto a stubborn time trap, and use it as a clue to reveal what’s underneath?  Very often what you’ll find is a hidden values conflict.  When you are able to see and resolve the underlying issues, you will free up all that power that’s been held hostage to indecision.  How wonderful … liberating your focus and your time for moving forward!

So let’s start by examining what a time trap truly is. You choose it, and yet, it works against you. How can this be? Think of your time trap as a clue to your inner conflict.  Its particular contours reflect the values you hold that are out of sync with each other.

For example, let’s say you spend an extra hour online, surfing for bargains. There goes the sixty minutes that you’d set aside to start that exciting project. On the one hand, you value frugality.  On the other, it is important to you to follow through on your time commitments.  Is there something about your project that is unsettling to you?  The deeper down you dig, the more information you will discover!

No matter how you feel about it, rest assured that you have chosen your time trap to serve a specific function in your life. It pinpoints where you resist living the ideals you consciously choose. When opposing values wrangle for top billing, time choices get tangled up, and you lose out. It’s really impossible to remain loyal to your plans, if you shift and slide from one set of priorities to another.

But there’s good news! Once you recognize and name a point of conflict, you’ve taken a powerful step to free yourself. The more you explore the ins and outs of your time traps, the clearer you’ll become about where you want to go – and what you’re willing to let go of, in order to get there!

No need to judge yourself when you get snared. Just investigate what it gives you, and what it takes away, with friendly curiosity. As your self-understanding grows, you can stabilize your hierarchy of priorities and develop decisiveness. Then, you will experience more inner harmony and enjoy greater effectiveness, as well!

Remember – You have the power in your hands, whenever you are ready to take it!

When you start sorting out your values conflicts it’s like removing clutter that stands between you and your dreams.  Whether it’s in your values, your living space, or on your To Do List, you will find that your energy is freed up in all sorts of ways as you clear out and let go!

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