Find Time by Including Time for You in Each Day!

Finding time for you isn’t self-indulgent. It’s actually one of the best time management tools going.

Do you want to find time to make the most of the 24 hours that you have each day?

Well, here’s a tip that will help!

Build in some replenishing and rejuvenating time for yourself at least once a day.

solitude2This may sound simple, and in some ways it is — but following through on making time for you can be quite a challenge.

Why is it so difficult to follow through on taking care of ourselves?

It’s because we tend to view self-care as a luxury.

A more useful and realistic perspective sees self-care for what it truly is – a fundamental responsibility.

If we are not taking care of ourselves, our ability to be present in each moment is severely compromised. This, in turn, depletes our ability to respond to others, to complete tasks, to problem solve creatively, and to participate fully and productively in our lives.

Think about it…

Lack of self-care affects everything from the quality of our energy to the perspective that we bring to bear on life’s challenges.

  • It’s our responsibility to identify activities that we find replenishing and rejuvenating.
  • It’s our responsibility to create time boundaries so that we can include those activities in our lives each day.
  • It’s our responsibility to follow through, when we promised ourselves we would, and pursue our chosen self-nurturing activity.

Indeed, it’s our ultimate responsibility to strive to bring our best selves to each and every one of our moments. Self care is the key component in doing that!

  • Each of our moments is a gift — and the rest is our responsibility!

How do you find time to take care of yourself?  Do you follow through?  Do you let other things hijack your self care time?  How does this work for you? I’d love to hear!

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  1. divorcecoach says

    This is so true. I advise my clients to make a point of finding at least 10-30 minutes a day for themselves.

    Women tend to put themselves at the bottom of the list but if they look after themselves they are better placed to look after others.

    Since I started to do this I have increased my energy and concentration levels.

    Annie O’Neill

  2. You are so right – thanks for dropping by and adding your thoughts! The way that you concretize the advice (i.e. adding a specific time span to aim for) is very helpful. It’s inspiring, too, that you “walk the walk!”

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