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readingFinding time to keep up with your social networks can be a challenge on top of everything else that you do each day.  We’ve written about some tools that can help save you time and stay connected in our Time and Technology category on The Time Finder.  If you’re someone who works on the internet, you know that social networking is a key element in most business strategies.

There are many different tools and venues on the web for social networking.  Indeed, it can be a dizzying and confusing collection!  How do you find time to keep up with each?  And which ones is it best to focus on?  Where have there been problems with spam, hackers, etc.?

On his blog Web Strategy, Jeremiah Owyang offers us an excellent place for keeping up with social networking in general.  He writes and publishes a Weekly Digest of the Social Networking Space.  There he provides a very brief summary of the week’s activities, and then more in depth information about developments in social networking – along with lots of links, so that you can explore with as much (or as little) detail as time and interest allow.

Here’s his summery for the week ending on May 2:

Busy week, yet again. Vignette starts to come forth with its community features, which are a direct challenge to the community platform vendors. Facebook extends further into the era of social colonization by allowing activity streams to be displayed on third party sites. The impacts of the swine flu echo throughout social networks.

While the language and scope of these digests includes more technical information than I may be personally interested in, a scan of the digest always extends and expands my horizons.  I may not have the time or inclination to explore “Vignette,” for example – but the term will be more familiar to me the next time I see it. I’ll have a context and some rudimentary information that I can then build on later, if I like.

Dipping into this digest helps me explore the wider world of social networking quickly and painlessly. When something captures my interest, I explore further.  Each day I learn a little bit more about the capacities (and pitfalls) of the powerful social networking tools that are available to us.

Do you follow social networking news?  Is there a good source that you’ve found for information and new developments?  Share them in a comment, or just drop in and tell us what you think … I’d love to hear!

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