Find Time by Optimizing Your WordPress Blog

HourglassFinding time to keep your blog running at peak performance may not be your top priority.  You’re probably more focused on writing great posts and responding to comments left by your readers.

But making sure that your blog is working properly and loading as quickly as possible as important as your content, in many ways.

How often do you click on a blog or website, find it slow to load, and leave before it has finished?  No matter how great the content is, if people don’t wait around, they will never see it.  You sure don’t want that to be happening with visitors to your blog!

That’s why I was so pleased to see this guest post by Sid Savara on ProBlogger this past Friday.  He shares “5 Plugins To Make Your WordPress Blog Blazing Fast.”  People expect to see things immediately when they are surfing the web.  So, any way that you can take seconds off of their wait time is definitely time well spent.

And the great thing about these plugins is that they work behind the scenes.  Once you have installed them, they will be doing their magic, compressing files and images, and speeding up scripts – all in the background.

In addition to the 5 plugins that he recommends (WP Super Cache by Donncha O Caoimh; GZIP Output by Austin Matzko; WP Minify by Thaya Kareeson; W3 Total Cache by Frederick Townes; and Free CDN by Phoenixheart) Sid also offers information about some plugins that you can install to check your blog and see, more specifically, where it is slow.

If you’d like to learn more tips about enhancing the speed of your blog’s page loading, Darren Rowse wrote a very helpful post on the subject titled 5 Methods to Enhancing Page Load which is certainly worth a look.

The bottom line is, if your blog loads slowly, your readers are likely to find time by going elsewhere. That’s not something that you want to see happen.

I encourage you to explore these options (or share them with your VA, or whoever manages your blog).  And in the meantime, I’d love to hear what you think.  Please feel invited to drop me a line!

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