Find Time by Putting Your Heart Into It

Finding time to complete all of your tasks isn’t the point.  Not by a mile.  If you’ve visited here before, you know that my HeartBased Time Management System is, first and foremost, about tuning into what matters most to you … and finding time for it.

That’s why I was so pleased to come upon Penelope Trunk’s post titled Time Management is Not About Tasks.  She wrote:

“Too often people talk about time management in an abstract, detached way: Work a four-hour week, disavow your possessions, try polyphasic sleep. But all of time management comes down, really, to your heart, not your to do list. Figure out a new way to manage time, one that divides the day for doing good, instead of just doing.”

Efficiency and your heart…

If, in thinking about time management, your focus is purely on efficiency – on quantity rather than quality – you may “do” a lot, but feel empty and unsatisfied at the end of your day.  Indeed, in our fast-paced, info-bombarded lives, it is quite possible to fill our days with endless doing.  But where does that leave us?  Spinning faster and faster … but not stopping, looking around, and breathing.

The fact is that time is concrete and limited.  We each have the same 24-hours in every one of our days.  And we each probably have interests and responsibilities, passions and tasks that could easily fill twice that amount of time.  So how do you decide what to do with that precious time?

Put your heart into your priorities.

I suggest that you make it a priority to stop and connect with yourself, as often as possible but at least once a day.  In our teleclass last week Joanna Lindenbaum spoke about connecting with yourself by spending just 10 minutes doing free writing each day, starting with the phrase, “Here I am …”  Try it – it’s a wonderful, open-ended tool for accessing your Inner Wisdom and getting your self back into your life!

Your heart and your moments…

It’s so important to infuse your moments with your heart – because your moments are all that you have! As Penelope Trunk puts it, “To confront this issue—as a parent, a manager, or anything else—is the crux of adult life. Who are your relationships with? Who do you care about most? And how do you deal with the heartbreak of not being able to give enough time?”

Or, as Mary Oliver asks, succinctly and beautifully at the end of her poem “The Summer Day”:

Tell me, what is it you plan to do
with your one wild and precious life?

When you are grounded in your heart … the sky’s the limit!

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Let’s explore time together …

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