Find Time by Tapping into Time Energy™ – Anytime!

Finding time takes a lot of energy – energy to plan, assess and apply smart solutions to pressing daily problems.

How often does your vitality sag? Well, this is where Time Energy™ comes to your rescue.  As you learn how to tap it, you come to see that … 

Time Energy™ is inexhaustible.

Time Energy™ is first a cousin of wisdom. In the same way that you can’t run out of wisdom, you can’t run out of Time Energy™. It’s a bubbling wellspring inside you; always nearby and always available when you need it.

Here are 3 concrete examples of situations where giving yourself quick access to your Time Energy™ refreshes and revitalizes – in no time!

  • Your shoulders slump at the thought of your impossibly overbooked day. Then you access your Time Energy™, and assertively resolve to reschedule a secondary commitment. Suddenly, your day is doable again! Your optimism and confidence return.
  • Bleary eyed, you check Facebook for the twelfth time while muttering an excuse. You catch yourself mid-phrase, realizing that you can change this scenario if you want to!  So, tapping into your Time Energy™ you stand, stretch, breathe deep and shift gears. Restored and revitalized, you sketch out an idea for a pet project instead of trolling for diversions.
  • It’s 4PM and you feel like the day is caving in on you. Your boss throws a new pile of work on your desk.  You reach down inside and access your Time Energy™ to bring in some needed perspective.  With clarity and decisiveness, you reject self-pity and choose self-possession. Courteously, you ask your boss to prioritize these new tasks, given the late hour. That way, you assertively and respectfully set a boundary and retain your humane schedule for the day.

Do you begin to see how Time Energy™ can work for you?  I’d love to hear about situations that you’ve found challenging.  Together, I’m sure that we can find the ways that tapping into Time Energy™ can help – anytime!

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