Find Time by Unlocking Your Symbolic Time Traps

Finding time can help you find yourself … in nice ways! I notice that the better I use my time, the more I actually embody my priorities. And because I’m using my time in ways that matter a lot to me, new potentials unfold.

I think you’ll discover that when you spring a time trap by freeing yourself from old attachments, you not only have more time. You also have more YOU!

You see, a time trap can ensnare you by what it symbolizes. It’s the subconscious hooks that throw you off balance, and cause you to lose your footing.

For example, maybe you get stuck revisiting the past. Hours go by as you explore websites that offer extreme wilderness treks. A dream from years ago … but what a great fit for you!  In this case, the values conflict is between dwelling on “what might have been” versus fully entering into the present moment as a life choice.

To weaken the hold of a time trap, start by finding the hook. Seek out any hidden “if only” that keeps you fixated on unrealistic or lost opportunities.

Next, invite fresh and realistic options into your life. Let’s say that expedition web site triggers thoughts like, “If only I had continued training for marathons!”

Here’s where you can step in with a firm but friendly, “Now is different! I enjoy my exercise now.” You might follow this with, ” I would like more time for aerobics, of course. How can I rework my schedule to take that cardio salsa or rock climbing or bikram yoga class?” Now you can add a pleasurable and productive pastime to your week.

As holiday times are laden with symbolism, this is an especially good time to explore the difference between attachments and healthy investments. As you replace a time trap with an activity you like better, you’ve got one more thing to celebrate!

And speaking of the holidays … do you worry about what happens to your healthy choices, your work, and your self care during the holidays? Many people stress about this as the holidays approach – you’re certainly not alone.

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Let’s explore time together …

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