Find Time by Using Your Challenges to Recalibrate Your Life!

Time and IceTime choices and life challenges have provided lots of grist for this week’s blog posts here at The Time Finder.  It looks like we may be closer to getting back on the grid here at the farm – a sudden change that will be most welcome, believe me.  They’re making no promises, but I’ve got my fingers (and toes) crossed!

As we’ve navigated our way through these challenging days, I have thought a lot about how to find the gems that are scattered amongst the difficulties.  In my corner of New Hampshire, it has been the ice storm that has been the most immediate issue for most of us. How can this be useful in my life, I ask?

Challenges Everywhere

On the larger, global stage, the current economic crisis is a hard time that is shared by everyone to some degree.  It has wiped out savings, closed down businesses, wreaked havoc with stock portfolios and pension funds.  It has left people homeless and forced thousand upon thousand of dreams to be deferred.  How can this be something that contributes to the common good, I ask?

Who created this?

I recently came upon a thought-provoking blog post by Andrea J. Lee titled, “Great News in Not-So-Great Times?”  (I’ll also add her blog, “Money, Meaning, and Beyond,” to my links- it’s definitely worth visiting!)  Andrea explores the same questions that have been puzzling me, and asks the question, “If we really are the creators of our own reality, which one of us created THIS?”

The question is one that threads its way through all of human history, one way or another.  Attempts to answer it have formed the cornerstones for philosophical and religious traditions through the ages.  And we are no different.

Here’s what matters…

I would simply offer that it is less the cause of our difficulties than our response to them that matters.

That’s not to suggest that we ignore problems that we can fix.  But if our response is to welcome any and all opportunities to learn and grow and change – as opposed to succumbing to the temptation to feel like a victim – it makes all the difference in the world!

As Andrea Lee writes, for example:

How can I use this time of change to recalibrate for myself? ‘Live’ off less – use fewer resources to live an even richer life. Become more efficient and effective at achieving what I want for our world. A lean mean coaching and change-making machine? How can my life become pared down, more simple?

To approach hard times as opportunities is not to deny or minimize their devastating impact.  There is no denying that.  But it is vital to recognize the power that we hold – the power to transform reality and make meaning with our choices.

How do your choices affect your experience of reality? I’d love to hear!

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