1. Hi Paula,

    I love this post! I often struggle with finding enough time, especially when it comes to writing blog posts. I love planning ahead and writing them in advance but I’m not always consistent.

    Sunday I wrote a post that I published and also wrote today’s post — what a nice feeling to have that done in advance now that today is here! I often get ideas, like this morning after yoga, for blog posts and try to write down the beginnings of posts to make it easier.

    Your post is a great reminder and excellent motivation for me to get more focused on writing them in advance. You’re right, it does make a difference in feeling on top of things and managing my stress for those unexpected moments.

    And you know what else, planning ahead with writing is so related to planning ahead in the kitchen to plan out healthy meals. Both efforts result in less stress, better health and over all better end results!

    Thanks for the AWESOME post!
    Wendy 🙂

  2. Hi Wendy – I love your analogy between planning for blog-writing and planning ahead in the kitchen. I am going to take that in and use it in my days and weeks more often. You are so right – planning and working ahead bears fruit in less stress, better health, and great food!

    And I love the Quinoa recipe you shared in your latest post. The texture (and protein) that Quinoa adds to dishes is something I really appreciate!

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