Find Time by Embracing Change

Change is everywhere.

We just had an election.  (That may very possibly be the understatement of the year!)

However you feel about the results of this particular election, I bet we can agree that any election initiates a transition toward a new beginning.

Transitions and what they bring…

With transitions come many feelings:  anticipation, excitement, uncertainty, even fear.

When we’re in transition, we are letting go of the familiar, and the new has not yet taken shape.  We’re not sure what the future looks like, and we’re not sure how it will feel to us or how to relate to it.  We are in the midst of change; nothing is familiar.

An election illustrates change on a grand, communal scale.  Yet, in our daily lives, we deal with smaller transitions and changes all the time.  How we approach this and how we manage it has a significant impact on our productivity, our relationships with others, and our ability to appreciate each moment.

In my article Time Management Tips – 3 Strategies to Transition Effectively Using Change Management I describe time as “the medium of change.”  When you think of it this way, going through changes and transitions becomes an expectation, rather than an unwelcome interruption in what’s familiar to you.  Change can become an adventure!

Change can become an adventure…

surfer.jpgThe difference between resisting change and planning for it is the difference between bracing yourself in front of a breaking wave and riding a wave. As you fully embrace change, you will be like the surfer, eagerly scanning the ocean for the next wave to ride.

How do you relate to the changes life presents?   Do you dig in your heels or do you go for it?  And how does that choice affect your focus, your time management, and your productivity?

I’d love to hear what you think!

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