Time Energy™ – Find Yours by Embracing Fresh Challenges

Finding Time Energy™ is a matter of tapping into an abundant wellspring of energy and self-motivation that you have with you always.

And while it may be a natural instinct to shrink from new challenges, embracing them actually increases your Time Energy™.

Why Do Challenges Increase Time Energy™? 

It’s all in how you choose to respond.  If you don’t recoil from a challenge, you’ll notice how it prompts inventive and original approaches.  In fact, once you engage, new potentials that you’d never imagined have the opportunity to unfold!

A Time Energy™ Festival!

The happy news is that opening up and welcoming unique challenges is like holding a festival in your mind. New connections are made and confidence in your resourcefulness and agility grows.

Time Energy™ thrives on the flow that evolves when you give your full attention to the moment. So proactive participation invigorates you. And who doesn’t enjoy that glow of wellbeing?

Is There a Festival in Your Future?

If you measure effectiveness strictly as units of work accomplished, you may be tempted to “save” energy by cruising on autopilot. All too often, though, you pay a hidden cost when you take this short cut.  Any time you merely go through the motions, you actually deplete your Time Energy™.

That’s because you’re not all there. Instead of a vibrant celebration of firing neurons of your brain, there are merely halfhearted stragglers operating by rote on the assembly line of habit. Your body language often cues you in. Notice when you start slumping in your seat, yawning and fidgeting.

Reboot Your  Time Energy™ with this Quick Exercise.

When you catch yourself sliding into autopilot mode, try this stimulating exercise to spark your Time Energy™:

  • Breathing deeply from your belly, stand tall or sit up straight. Reach both arms out to the side, and feel them lengthen … and lengthen.  As you slowly relax your arms, what do you feel? Warmth, spaciousness or something else?
  • Next, bring a current challenge to mind. Envision yourself working on it. What ways do you feel attracted to this enterprise? What parts make you want to retreat?
  • Notice what you learn about yourself in this moment.
  • Now, where would you like to extend your learning curve? Brainstorm some options that would stretch your comfort zone in beneficial ways.
  • Create concrete, small and realistic action steps to invite new learning. If possible, start in on your initial step right away (or schedule an exact time to begin).

Compare how you feel with your state of mind before the exercise. Feeling better? That’s your Time Energy™, refreshing your outlook!

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  1. Arjen ter Hoeve says

    Dear Paula,

    A wonderful exercise. Especially step 3 (what can you learn about yourself) is something that really works. I often do a similar exercise when I go to bed. Envisioning that I am working on things that are difficult.

    Most of the time I really understand what needs my attention after this.

    Another exercise I do is project myself 5 years into the future and see myself looking back. What was that ‘huge’ problem that held me back? What did I do to conquer it? This is also very valuable. It seems my future self has a lot more answers than my current self 🙂

    Again, many thanks for your ideas and techniques.

  2. Dear Paula,

    I loved Arjen ter Hoeve’s comments and the way you present challenges as festivals waiting to happen! So often embracing potential seems to require a leap of faith, yet it’s extending myself with small steady steps that builds my confidence and keeps me on solid ground. A wonderful paradox!Arjen’s suggestion about imagining oneself looking back after successfully facing the challenge is something that has worked very well for me. I must remember to use it more often!

  3. Thank you for your comments, Arjen and Alison. I am so glad you found the post compelling.

    Arjen, I love how you expanded on things with your 5-years-into-the-future exercise – a very valuable way to expand one’s perspective and sense of proportion.

    And Alison, your underscoring of small, steady steps is spot on.

    My best to you both … I love sharing this time journey with you!

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