Find Time for 3 Important Holiday Reminders!

ContemplationFinding time for what matters most is a challenge year ’round – and can be even more daunting during the holiday season. Here are 3 pieces of helpful advice for this very special time of year:

My friend and colleague Wendy Battles, The Clean Eating Coach, advises pacing ourselves in her post titled Make Your Health a Priority During the Holidays.  Her questions are right on the money:

What are you doing to make the holidays joyful and fun yet a chance to wind down a bit and take care of yourself? What would need to shift for you to put more focus on yourself and getting some rest as you prepare for 2010?

Next up, Melissa McCreery addresses the challenge of making helpful food choices during this tempting time, and offers 7 Ways to Avoid Overeating When the Holiday Treats Are EVERYWHERE!  Here’s Tip #3, for example:

Don’t go hungry. You’ll eat more and have less impulse control. Make sure that you have healthy and filling options around. I know you are busy, but take the time to pack a healthy lunch.

Last, but not least, I wanted to reprise a Time Finder post from last year about the importance of being fully and warmly “in” each of your moments and letting yourself experience the depth of what I call Strong Time.

Anything that causes us to pause and contemplate, I think, offers an opportunity to connect with strong time – with the deepest experience of a moment. Strong time is not about duration but about depth. Getting to strong time often involves some form of tradition or ritual – and these can be family rituals, rituals involving religious traditions, or simple, personal practices, like meditation, that connect you with your heart and the deepest parts of your life.

Here’s the full post, which is titled Find Time to Experience Strong Time.

As the holidays draw closer, I encourage you to set some priorities for yourself and then develop plans that will help you realize them.  What challenges will you face?  What are your goals for this time?

I’d love to hear about what you discover as you explore this!

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