Find Time for 7 Tips to Prepare for Daylight Saving Starting Today!

Yes, Daylight Saving time is about to start. And finding time to give yourself a chance to adjust to “springing ahead” this weekend is one of the best energy-saving time choices you can make.  Why?

Well, the change from Standard to Daylight Saving Time is a very big jolt to your system.  You may think to yourself, “It’s just an hour.” But in reality, the impact is huge.

And it’s compounded by the fact that so many of us are already sleep-deprived. Yes, we’re behind on sleep even before we lose another hour this weekend.

Daylight Saving: 7 Tips

So what can you do to prepare?  Here are 7 tips to help you through this annual transition:

  • Get up a little bit earlier for several mornings leading up to the Saturday night/Sunday morning change.  This will move your waking time closer to what it will need to be when you change your clocks.
  • Don’t change your clocks before bed, as this gives you the illusion that the change happens while you are sleeping and is over and done with when you wake up.  Instead, move your clock ahead when you wake up on Sunday morning.  That way, you will very conscious of the change as you start your new day, and better able to manage its impact.
  • It’s important to get up at your regular time on Sunday morning.  Don’t “sleep in” no matter how tempting that might be: it just postpones the adjustment.
  • Temper your expectations for your day.  It’s good to have a plan for your day anyway. But this Sunday, be sure to lighten up a little bit on what you expect to accomplish.  You are likely to be tired and a little disoriented by the change in your experience of the light.

Speaking of light…

  • Many doctors and sleep experts emphasize the impact of sunlight on sleep cycles.  As you transition from Standard to Daylight Saving time, make a point to build in time to be outside in the sunlight.  This will help your body to adjust its rhythms.
  • Exercise is always a good thing, and this Sunday is no different.  Be sure not to exercise too close to bedtime, as that can make it harder to sleep.  Also hydration is always important … and especially so during times of transition, when maintaining your healthy lifestyle can be particularly tricky.
  • Since you got up your regular time on Sunday, you may be ready to go to bed earlier on Sunday night.  If you can, follow-through on this impulse … it will allow you to greet Monday from a more rested place, and will be a big step in your adjustment to Daylight Saving Time.

Best of luck as you make this transition and welcome more daylight into your life.  I’d love to hear how it goes for you, so drop me a line!

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