Find Time for Agility and Nimbleness!

Finding time and being efficient is often thought of as a matter of developing systems and being steady and disciplined about sticking to them.  And don’t get me wrong – those skills are very important!

But the recent blizzard(s) that have inundated and paralyzed the Mid-Atlantic region of the US provide a reminder of the need for agility in meeting the challenges that the world sometimes presents us with.

Finding time to be nimble in the face of the unexpected is a matter of time choices AND a matter of the energy that we bring to those choices.  And I would add that our energy can be very much affected by the language that we use to describe our choices!

I love words like agile and nimble because they are so energetic, active, and positive.

Contrast them to a word like flexibility.  It’s not a bad word at all – but it can have a slightly reactive feel, can’t it?  Something happens and we are flexible in response to it.  It just doesn’t have the same “in charge” feeling that a nimble response has.

The next time you are confronted with an unexpected wrench in the works … try framing your response as “agile” or “nimble” or some other active and in charge word that strikes a chord for you.  How does it feel?  I’d love to hear!

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  1. Yes, I like how proactive the words “agile” and “nimble” are, and how they imply good oversight, too! I find that I’m most agile and nimble when my priorities are clear.

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