Find Time for All the Colors in the Rainbow: A Time-Saving Tool

Finding time when you are a solopreneur or a small business owner can be a mammoth, daily challenge.  The tasks to be done are truly endless, and often multiple high priority items compete for your attention simultaneously.  Stepping back from daily tasks to do longer-term planning or to invest time in exploring creative ideas … now that’s an even greater challenge.

That’s why any tool that has the potential to be a time saver … really in ANY area … is a wonderful discovery.  It’s also why I so love to share the online tools that I find with readers of The Time Finder!

So, the tool I want to tell you about today is something that can be especially useful when you are stepping back into your creative mode and thinking about creating websites or sales pages or html e-mails for your list.  (You might be able to use it for decorating your bedroom or re-doing your office, too.)  Have I piqued your interest?

Today’s time-saving tool is called Color Scheme Designer and it’s a fascinating, flexible … and free … website dedicated to the mixing and matching of colors for web design.  As is appropriate for a graphics tool, I first offer you this YouTube video describing Color Scheme Designer … because, as we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words!

A particularly nice, time-saving aspect of Color Scheme Designer 3 is that, once you have found a color scheme that you like, the tool gives you all the relevant hex codes and you can export them for your use as you, your VA, or your web-designer … construct your web document(s).

The only drawback that I have noticed with Color Scheme Designer is that it can be such fun to explore and play with, that you may want to set a timer or give yourself a stop time so that you don’t lose time as you look to find it!

And here’s something to consider as you embark on the last week of June …

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Let’s explore time together …

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