Find Time for April’s Time Finder Favorites

This morning, as a soft rain falls on New Hampshire’s thirsty soil, I’m pleased to find time to share with you the top 5 Time Finder favorites for the month of April!

Topping the list was a post about a time tracking tool called Rescue Time.  This is a powerful and flexible tool that allows you to see exactly how you spend your time – so that you can then make informed choices.

You can use Rescue Time to track how and where you spend your time on the computer, as well as to track off-line time. The nice thing about the on-line tracking function is that once you have set up Rescue Time, it does the tracking for you. There is nothing you need to record. And this means that you get a much better picture than would be otherwise possible, of how you are actually spending your on-line time.

The second most popular post in April was actually shared in March – and is another Cyber Monday post.  This one is titled “Find Time with Zamzar and Evernote Clearly on Cyber Monday” and offered information about two more time-saving tools.  Zamzar is a file conversion service, while what Clearly does is change “web-based material to a wonderfully readable (and printable) format. You activate Clearly with a bookmarklet that you drag to your Bookmarks Bar, and then click it to create a customizable, highly readable version of whatever you are viewing on the web. You can even adjust the font size!

Find Time to Accept Yourself and Transform Your Time with Empowered Compassion™ was the third top post for April and offers powerful, heart-based advice for revolutionizing your relationship with time.

Finding Time to accept all of who you are is a gentle, deliberate process that will transform your time and give you a solid base for action. That’s because being your most productive self, your most empowered self, means being your WHOLE self. And that’s where Empowered Compassion™ comes in.

April’s 4th most-read post offered practical ideas for incorporating movement into your daily life.  Find Time for “Movement Moments” in Your Day! is all about making sure that we pay attention to our body’s need to move … and reap the benefits.

If you spend a lot of time working on-line, your day might easily have you glued to the computer hour upon hour. It can be engrossing work, but in order to be productive and take good care of yourself, it’s imperative that you find time to move.

And last but not least, “Find Time for These Cool Tools for Pinterest!” was another Cyber Monday post that found its way into your top 5.

Pinterest continues to be one of the fastest-growing social networking sites – currently in third place behind Facebook and Twitter. And now, developers are creating all sorts of applications that can help you pin more easily, find people with similar interests more quickly, and analyze your Pinterest influence. All of these enhancements are interesting and helpful – and they can be crucial if you are interested in using Pinterest for your business.

Was your favorite post here?  I’d love to hear what YOU resonated to.  Just take 5-minutes and let me know!  ;>)

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