Find Time for Calm by De-Cluttering-3 Tips

ClutterFinding time in the midst of “busyness” for a calm moment can be a little like finding clear space in a cluttered office.

It can seem impossible – and I’m here to tell you that it’s a great gift that you can give to yourself – and it’s NOT impossible at all!

Finding your calm amidst clutter…

Yesterday my friend and colleague Wendy Battles wrote about how Clean Eating and De-Cluttering Support Optimal Health! Reflecting on how overwhelming clutter can be, she wrote:

For years, I’ve been in varying levels of disorganization that have left me feeling anxious, overwhelmed and less than healthy. I would spend my fair share of time thinking about my piles of paper and clutter, I’d obsess over how I could get on top of it once and for all, and I’d easily fall into a state of overwhelm.

Does that sound familiar?  It can be a very challenging vicious cycle – AND it’s one that you can step into a break at any point.  Remember, you hold the power!

3 Tips to Get You Started

Here are 3 key things to remember, when you decide that you want to carve out a calm moment or some clear space:

  • Start small. Don’t expect that you will be able to give yourself 2 free hours or a de-cluttered office right away.  Go for 5-minutes of meditation or for organizing 3 file folders to start.
  • Celebrate every success! Validate yourself when you follow through.  Pat yourself on the back for each accomplishment.  This builds momentum, makes it fun, and reinforces a friendly relationship with yourself – all very important!
  • Build on what works. As you explore de-cluttering (whether it be your space or your time) you’ll develop systems, ways of communicating, and ‘tricks of the trade’ that work well for you.  Be aware of these and use them often, adapting as circumstances change.

And, as you may have surmised, any effort to de-clutter or create space involves creating boundaries.

This goes.  This stays.

Yes.  No.

As you get better and better at setting, communicating, and following through on your boundaries, you’ll find yourself with more space and less clutter.

Is this something you’re moving toward?  I’d love to hear how you are moving toward using time boundaries in your life.

Want more help?

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Let’s explore time together…


  1. Being a clutter-rat, I relate. For me, clutter seems to grow organically. But now I am at the point that I finally threw up my hands and called in a professional organizer to help. We start tomorrow with the garage…

  2. Wow – great step for you. I wish you luck with the garage (and hope it’s not raining in your world the way it is up here today)!

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