Find Time for Creativity: When to Grab Your Inspiration and When to Let it Go!

Finding time to manage your creative ideas can be an exciting challenge.  If you’ve pursued any kind of creative endeavor, you know how wonderful it can feel to be in that flow, with interesting ideas coming to you fast and furious. Last week in “Find Time to Capture Your Inspiration: 3 Tips and a Free Teleclass” I shared some ideas for snagging your inspirations as they fly by.

Today I’d like to build on those suggestions, and add a caution about them.  That’s because, as you may also know very well, when your creative juices are flowing, trying to capture and track ALL of the ideas that are coming to you can pull you away from work that requires your focused energy.

There’s a yin and a yang here, as with everything!  Part of the goal of recording your inspirations is to enable you to let them go, so that they don’t take up psychic space and interfere with the work you need to do to focus and bring one creative idea to fruition.

If you jot down your ideas and put them in a folder, then go back after a couple of months to look at them … you may be struck by some, and others might not even be recognizable to you.  If an idea doesn’t resonate a week or a month down the road, then take it out of your folder … let it go.  That can be a very efficient way to cull your cache … think of cream rising to the top!

It’s important to NOT let yourself get overwhelmed by your creative ideas or by the processes that you have in place to capture them.  So, as with so many things, the key is balance!  You want to find what works for you … and keep your primary goal in mind.  And, ironically enough, letting go may be as important as capturing your inspirations (if not more so)!

I am very excited that tomorrow evening (from 7-8 PM ET) we’ll all have the opportunity to learn more about implementing our creative ideas and celebrating our inspired selves when I interview Artist and Creativity Coach Ellene Breedlove Davis. Our subject? Finding Time to Be Creative: Portrait of the Artist.

Join me for this FREE Teleclass. And if you can’t be there, sign up and we’ll send you the MP3!  Start celebrating what makes you unique and powerful. When you use your creativity to enhance your life, you will develop even more incentive for developing your best ideas and making them a reality.

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