Find Time for Cyber Monday in 2009!

ComputerIt’s the first Cyber Monday of 2009, and I’m glad you are finding time to join us here at The Time Finder!

Today I want to share and comment on an article from PC World titled “Organize Your Life With Free Online Tools.”  The article, by Lifehacker founder Gina Trapani offers some of her favorite web-based organizing options – all of them free!

You’ll see that Remember the Milk, an on-line To Do List, is right there at the top of her list.  While I don’t use it personally, I can tell you that my VA is using it and finding its accessibility and flexibility very helpful.  (She even told me the other day that she was starting to use Twitter to send messages to RTM and update her task list!)  RTM also interfaces with Google Calendar, so that your task list can be available to you right there!

The tool that I found most intriguing on Gina’s list was Google Notebook.  If you’re a blogger or someone who does web research, I think you’ll find this a very useful tool.  The way it works is that, rather than create hundreds of bookmarks to try to track interesting and useful data you find on the web, you can now compile and organize your information in notebooks that you create and manage in Google Notebooks.

Here’s a link to a notebook with some notes and links that you might use to create a post like this one, for example.  What I see as particularly useful about this tool is that you can be working on any number of ideas over time, slowly collecting information, and having it ready when you need it.  It also saves on bookmark clutter – something that can get out of hand if you don’t stay on top of it.

I also like that you can add your own notes.  As you think of ideas for blog posts, this tool will help you to build and elaborate on them over time.  I can see how you could easily develop a nice collection of percolating ideas that are then easily accessible for your use!

Have you tried Google Notebooks already, or are there other on-line tools that you’d like to share?   I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

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