Find Time for Essential ‘Indulgences’ Like Your Power Sanctuary

Finding time to “treat” yourself can be one of the best investments you make in your long-term success.  That’s especially true if your “indulgences” include taking daily trips to your inner Power Sanctuary!

It’s no secret that year-end demands can strain relations, compound confusions and oversights, and often end up leaving everyone on edge. That’s why it’s enormously helpful to choose to step away from the daily drama long enough to collect your thoughts and restore your peace of mind.

In my last post, I described how creating and maintaining a Power Sanctuary helps you stay grounded and self-aware. Here are a few tips to use as you make this part of your daily routine:

  • First, tune into the swirl of colors, sounds and fragrances that you find most restorative. Start collecting very specific images. Glancing through a gorgeous calendar or travel magazine might freshen your imagination. Consider keeping a file of these pictures within easy reach.
  • Next, practice evoking your inner hideaway with as much rich detail as possible. Start by setting boundaries as needed, in order to remain undisturbed. Then, set the stage. If soothing music or a recorded visualization helps you travel within, keep it on hand. Perhaps your touchstone will be as simple as a poem, or a photo. Then, breathe deeply and enjoy a luxuriant stretch. Let the cares of the day float away for right now. You can attend to them later.
  • Patiently travel this inner path as frequently as possible. This takes discipline, naturally! Yet it gives you enormous power. To start, set aside at least ten to fifteen minutes daily to spend in an undisturbed location. See if you can do this in the same place, and at the same time each day. This helps you establish an internal rhythm that your body rises to meet.

As you create well-worn paths to this paradise of yours, you’ll find that you can recreate this sanctuary on the spot, anywhere.

And here’s why I call it a Power Sanctuary: When you nourish yourself with your intuition, you aren’t engaging in indulgences. In fact, your priorities emerge, like beautiful islands rising from the sea. You can align your time choices with your deepest values. Restoring your realism and optimism becomes so much easier! What starts out as a coping method for the end-of-the-year frazzles can evolve into a year-round exercise in mindfulness, your inner wisdom and power … and a celebration of your potential!

Want to learn more about finding time to make more effective and self-nurturing time choices – not just during the holidays but throughout your year?

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