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Finding time can be a challenge in the rush of commitments and daily tasks, can’t it?  Here we are already at day 6 of March – and just finding time this morning to pause and greet the new month (belatedly) with our glance back at last month’s favorite posts on The Time Finder.  So, let’s dive right in, shall we?

Topping the list was a post from the very first Day of February titled Find Time to Travel Back to Your “Time Roots” for Clarity and Freedom! that initiated our exploration of the time legacies that we all carry. In the post, I shared an exercise for uncovering your time legacies, and noted …

Some of your discoveries might feel bittersweet. But remember, even as you see the losses, they ultimately lead to greater freedom! Remember that the more compassion you feel as you view your family’s time choices (and yours), the more possibilities open up to you.

Next on your list of favorites was Find Time to “Hear” the Actions Beneath the Words – a post about the mixed messages that can be a confusing and very powerful part of our time legacies.

Did Mom and Dad’s actions match their words? Or did “What I say” and “What I do” contradict one another? It’s quite helpful to explore this, for one very compelling reason: Mixed messages speak loudest.

Find Time to Put a Little Love in Your Heart was our post on Valentine’s Day – and one of your Time Finder Favorites for February.  Thsi post focused on compassion and the power it brings to your life.  It contains one of my very favorite, foundational messages about compassion:

A heart that holds compassion can hold anything!

Self care was also on the minds of readers of The Time Finder this month, as Finding Time to Nourish Yourself ranked quite high among the posts visited.

I like to think of nourishment as what keeps me going – whether it’s food, silence, companionship, exercise … or any combination of these things. What nourishes me energizes and sustains me, no matter what challenges come my way.

What do you find nourishing, and how do you find time to nourish yourself?

And last but most definitely not least was a Cyber Monday post about a new search tool Find Time to Find What You Need on the Web with RTBot This Cyber Monday. Finding what you’re looking for on the web isn’t always as straight-forward as we’d like …

That’s why I was interested to learn about RTBot, a new information service whose stated goal is to “simplify the access to information and content stored in different sites, reducing the time it takes to find relevant and fresh information on the internet.”

So, how do you find what you need? Give yourself what you need? Here at The Time Finder we’d like to know how we can help, so drop me a line – I’d love to hear!

And in the meantime, want to learn more about how you can expand and deepen your time and efforts … in whatever areas you choose? Here’s a great way to explore avenues to increasing your time skills and heart-based power – whether it’s in your business, or your personal life.  I am so pleased to be able to offer my expertise and support as The Official Guide to “Time Management”.

You can visit by clicking the link, and when you do you’ll find lots of time management articles by experts in the field, along with a vibrant and welcoming on-line community. Stop by my Expert Page and leave a comment or question … or just say hello.  There are lots of ways to connect … let’s get started!

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