Find Time for Holiday Planning – It's Never Too Early

Finding time to start planning for your holiday celebrations is a wise choice, as November is here and we are moving toward the winter season’s festivities.  Whatever cultural celebrations are on YOUR calendar, starting to prepare ahead of time will stand you in good stead as the days grow busier and more hectic.

What if you could clear away the stress of the holidays and approach them with joy and an open heart? One of the things that can really help on that front is to use templates for your holiday plans and preparations.

First, in thinking about this, step back and start with an overview.  Every individual in every family cherishes certain holiday traditions.  Maybe it’s a particular centerpiece or special plates and silverware.  Use what you have learned from past celebrations to create a template for what makes Thanksgiving special and unique for you and your family.

Start by creating a list of your family’s traditional celebration rituals for Thanksgiving. Your template helps you remember all the details.  Next, start breaking your list into tasks and plotting out their order … and some timeframes for each.  Rather than focusing on a static ‘snapshot’ of the holiday meal as the end point, consider the entire process.

When it comes to celebrating holidays, every family has its special traditions. Acknowledge these in your list of tasks. Refer to the templates you’ve created from previous celebrations.  Having the details written down saves you the stress of trying to hold them all in your head.

For example, my mother believed that no Thanksgiving was complete without fresh green beans.  However, it was also important and special that the green beans be sliced diagonally. Using your template, be sure that your task-list includes the little things that carry special meaning for each special person you’ll be sharing these special times with.

That way, you’re sure to remember and, equally important, you are no longer the only source or the keeper of the keys of your family tradition.

You can relax and enjoy yourself, knowing that everything will occur on time and in a way that honors everyone sharing your celebrations. Without this responsibility, your anxiety diminishes, and you will find the time to do the things that make the holidays joyous for you.

Are you finding time for holiday planning? Ready to give it a try? I’d love to hear about how it goes for you!

And here’s another thought.  Do you worry about getting thrown off track with your healthy choices, your work, and your selfcare during the holidays?  Many people stress about this as the holidays approach – you’re certainly not alone.

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