Find Time for January Favorites

The Tops!As we start a new month on The Time Finder, let’s take a moment and see what time management tips and posts were most popular for our readers in January!

Topping the list was a post from back in September!  Titled Find Your Values Baseline-Where the Rubber Meets the Road it offers a very practical exercise for identifying your external values.  Describing internal and external values, we said, “If external values are the ‘what’ then your internal values are the ‘how.'”  And in this post we took it a step further, with an exercise to help you identify what is involved in the “what”!

There were several of our new time and technology Cyber Monday posts near the top of January’s list.  Find Time for Cyber Monday in 2009, in which we highlighted some tips from an article in PC World titled “Organize Your Life With Free Online Tools” was the highest ranked of our Cyber Monday posts.  Not far behind were two Twitter articles:  Finding Time to Tweet … and Not to Tweet, and Finding Time by Managing Your Twitter Time.  Tweeting continues to be a hot topic for Time Finder readers, who seem interested both in the Twitter tools available and in some of the time management challenges that this social networking venue presents!

January wouldn’t be January without resolutions.  You liked our post about how to help yourself make your resolutions stick, titled Find Time by Easing into Some of Those Resolutions.

Last but not least, creativity was on our readers’ minds this past month, as there were two posts about fostering creativity that sparked your interest:  Find Time and Energy with 3 Tips to Quiet Your Inner Critical Voices in 2009, and Finding Time for Creative Work.

I love pausing to look back and see what ideas and tips captured your interest last month.  January is always a time of reflection and of beginnings.  Enjoy this brief review, as you embark on a new week, and a new month. 

What are your February time challenges?  I’d love to hear!

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