Find Time for July’s Time Finder Favorites!

Finding time to look back on the past month’s Time Finder favorites is always an enjoyable task for me.  It gives an opportunity to pause and reflect, while standing on the threshold of the new month!

That being said, did you feel like July just flew by?  With the cooler, less humid air that has ushered in August here in the Northeast, you can almost feel a hint of autumn.  But the good news is that there are still lots of summer days ahead to enjoy and appreciate!

So, July on The Time Finder saw readers enjoying a wide range of posts.

Topping the list was one of our Cyber Monday offerings:  Find Time by Increasing Efficiency and Accuracy Using Google Voice.  Have you tried it?  My VA and I use it all the time and it’s a big help and a significant time-saver!

Next on the list of favorites came two posts about planning … Find Time for What’s Most Important to You Every Day-Day #1 and Find Time for What’s Most Important to You Every Day-Day #2!  Lots of people shy away from planning … but maybe these posts will help.

Planning is about creating a frame for yourself. Think of it like guard-rails on a road … or the edging along a garden path … whatever image is helpful and nurturing for you. Remember, this is for YOU and can be flexed to suit your needs.

Next up?  We found time to look at ways that you can step into an abundance mindset when it comes to your time.  Find Time Today – Let Go of Self-Limiting Scarcity and Claim Your True Inner Abundance! is just one of the July posts where we explored this timely subject!

Last but not least, we shared a 3-part series on what I call “Segmented Planning” that was visited by lots and lots of you in July.  The top vote-getter was the introductory post:  Find Flexibility, Focus and Fun with Segmented Planning-Part 1.  I invite you to read the whole series and give Segmented Planning a try!

And please drop me a line and let me know how you’re doing with your time management … both the challenges and the successes … I’d love to hear!

What if you could find another hour every day? You can! You are invited to sign up for your FREE Finding Time Success Kit. It puts 3 key tools for your time success right into your hands! Grab it and see how you can recharge your energy, reduce overwhelm and frustration, and come to learn that 24 hours really ARE enough!

Let’s explore time together …


  1. Google Voice sounds great! I was sorry to see that Google doesn’t currently provide numbers in my state’s area code. Wonder how people work around this?

  2. Hi Alison –
    Thanks for stopping by – and I appreciate your question.

    The way we are using it is only for voicemail, so we simply forward calls from a cell phone to the Google Voice account, and the actual Google Voice number is not an issue.

    Likewise, if people have unlimited long distance, or are calling from a cell, it isn’t an issue (beyond the minutes-used for the cell phone).

    But otherwise, you are correct .. it would cost the caller money to call a Google number if it is outside of your area.

    I believe I read somewhere that they are working on getting numbers in all area codes. That will be nice.

    I hope you find this helpful!

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