Find Time for July’s Time Finder Favorites!

Finding time to scan and review the month past as a new month arrives is always time well spent here at The Time Finder.  Looking back offers an opportunity to appreciate what has been, and to ground yourself in reality as you contemplate what will be.

So, as we love to do each month, here’s an overview of the Top 5 Time Finder Favorites for July 2012!

First on the list this month was a post from mid-July titled “Find Time to Be More Productive with Compassion: 3 Myth-Busting Time Tips.”  You might not intuitively think of compassion as a time management skill, but it is actually one of the most powerful tools you have available.  It opens you up to possibilities you might not even be able to imagine.

Finding time for what matters most demands both flexibility and focus. And when it comes to activating these two powerful keys,
compassion makes all the difference in the world. That’s because compassion opens the door to insight – and when you need to be productive, responsive, and zero in on your priorities, compassionate insight is at once clarifying and freeing.

Google changes ranked high in Time Finder readers’ concerns this past month, with Penguin’s launch and uncertainty about its effects on SEO.  So there were lots of visits to our post titled “Finding Time to Play Nice! Your Web Content, SEO, and Google Penguin.”  How are you doing with Penguin?

Are you worried about Google Penguin and its impact on your on-line business? Have you noticed a change in your web stats that had seemed odd to you? I suggest that you delve into this further; you may find some issues – and hopefully some easy fixes – that can really impact your SEO.

If Google Penguin and its impact has you feeling stressed, then “Find Time to Breathe, Be Still, and Restore Yourself” is just what the doctor ordered!  Ranking number 3 for the month, this post is a must for busy people everywhere!

So, when you find time to step away and restore yourself, in whatever ways work best for you, you are enhancing your ability to come back and be as productive as possible in the time that you have. It takes courage to put down a task in order to do something seemingly unproductive, but the risk will repay you powerfully.

Stepping back into the technical realm, we had another popular Cyber Monday post offering ideas to help you “Find Time to Enhance Your Productivity with Free Tools

Finding time to be as productive as possible is often a balancing act. What I mean by that is that when you’re looking to amp up your productivity, you constantly balance innovation and efficiency.

And last (but not least), we shared about one quick and easy way to bolster your productivity:  “Find Time to Be More Productive with a Small Change of Scenery.”  Read on, to see how it worked for me …

I have been working on a new product that I am very excited about, but this past weekend I hit a snag. The concept was clear to me, and I knew where I was headed, but the words just weren’t flowing, and I was starting to feel frustrated and discouraged.

Did you have a favorite post last month?  Are there topics you’d like to read more about here?  Drop me a line – I’d love to hear!

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