Find Time for July's Time Finder Favorites!

Time Finder Favorites!It’s hard to believe it, but July is over, and August is already into its third day, as we find time to look back and see what readers found especially compelling on The Time Finder last month.  Let’s dive right in, shall we?

Topping the list was a Cyber Monday post focusing on Seesmic Desktop – a Twitter application that we hadn’t written about before.  Find Time with Seesmic Desktop on Cyber Monday gives an overview of this tool and highlights one of its biggest assets – its easy integration with Facebook.  (My VA tells me that she now uses Seesmic Desktop a lot – and it’s mainly because of the Facebook interface.)

Have you tried Seesmic Desktop yet?

Next came a post about time boundaries titled Finding Time Boundaries in Times of Stress and Times of Calm.  We explored the importance of using time boundaries no matter what is going on in your everyday life and noted that:

Setting and maintaining time boundaries requires assertiveness and discipline. These are not magical qualities or character traits that we are born with. They are skills that get easier and easier, the more you practice and use them.

Are time boundaries a challenge for you? You might want to check out our Finding Time Boundary Template – an excellent, step-by-step guide for developing your skills at setting and maintaining time boundaries!  You can sign up in the sidebar (or at the link above) and get started now!

Third on our list came Find Time to Reflect and Increase Your Effectiveness and Efficiency.  This post highlights the positive impact of reflection, even when (or maybe especially when) your stress is high!

Do you find time to reflect on your time choices?

Rounding out our favorites for July was one newcomer to the list, and one post that’s made the top 5 for the past three months:

  • Find Time to Keep Your Routine Fresh – the newcomer – is about finding time to approach your routines as rich benchmarks or touchstones, so that even often-repeated tasks can be refreshed (and refreshing).

Did you have a July favorite that we missed? Please drop me a line – I’d love to hear!

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