Find Time for June’s Top 5 Time Finder Favorites on July 5th!

Finding time to look back over the past month’s favorite Time Finder Posts is always fun … and this month is no different.  If you’re in the States, maybe you are still celebrating the 4th of July Holiday.  I invite you take a moment to read, enjoy, and reflect on these posts that Time Finder readers were especially drawn to in June …

Topping the list was a post we shared the morning after our teleclass with Wendy Battles-Plasse.  Titled Finding Time to Pick 25 Pounds of Blueberries – Clean Eating Tips from Wendy Battles-Plasse! it explored some of the practical and life-enhancing tips that Wendy shared in the teleclass last month.  (Here’s another tip:  You can still get the FREE MP3 of that class – just read to the end of this post and you’ll find the info you need to sign up.)

Second among your favorites was “Finding Time to Deal with Disappointment Gracefully” – our post about dealing with the curveballs that life sometimes throws us!

Finding Time by Being Flexible-3 Timely Tips! is a perennial favorite that weighs in at #3 on our list.  Check it out and learn how you can be in charge of your time choices, no matter what!

Our Cyber Monday series usually makes the list of top posts at least once, and last month was no exception.  The top vote-getter was Find Time and Lots of Tweets Using Twitter Search on Cyber Monday.  Have you tried using the Twitter search function?  Saved any searches?  Used any of the special operators?  If not, you may want to give this post another look!

And last, but definitely not least, is a post about setting time boundaries titled Find the Time You Need by Setting a Time Boundary Using the Times Two Rule! Give yourself a gift this coming month when planning your time … try using the Times Two Rule!

Speaking of gifts to yourself … are you ready to explore your healthiest life? Ready to explore and consider some changes?

The MP3 of my interview with Nutritionist and Clean Eating Coach Wendy Battles-Plasse is just the thing for you! We explored how you can “Start Living Your Healthiest Life Today: Timely Tips on Clean Eating, Self-Awareness and the Power of Prevention.” We’ll send it to everyone who signs up on our teleclass page. This was a jam-packed, info-filled call … and it’s not too late to learn all about healthy eating and prevention from one of the best!

What if you could find another hour every day? You can! You are invited to sign up for your FREE Finding Time Success Kit. It puts 3 key tools for your time success right into your hands! Grab it and see how you can recharge your energy, reduce overwhelm and frustration, and come to learn that 24 hours really ARE enough!

Let’s explore time together …

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