Find Time for Managing Your Energy and Your Spring Projects

What does managing your energy have to do with spring?

Well, welcoming spring is partly a matter of opening windows, letting sunlight stream into the house, watching bulbs come up and welcoming returning birds!  It is also a time when we are energized to tackle spring projects. Some of them are seasonal and some of them may be new.

Managing your energy by letting go…

I came upon a wonderful post by my friend and colleague Maggie McCauley yesterday as I was working on this post.  It’s titled “Spring into Letting Go – Ten Tips That Will Bring a Smile.”

Maggie’s post offers great depth of insight along with practical advice. It’s a combination that gives you both traction and staying power!  I was particularly struck by this passage:

When you are facing chaos and disorder you don’t want to approach it with a flurry of force and frenetic energy. Don’t match the energy of the chaos! Chaos needs to be approached with a calm confidence and a sense of peacefulness. This approach will prevent burnout and discouragement, as well.

CB002393Here on the farm we are navigating our usual spring chores. And we are also grappling with the long-term task of cleaning up after December’s devastating ice storm.

Our woods and the edges of our fields are strewn with trees broken like matchsticks.  The woods are a tangle of fallen branches and shattered trunks. And some of my favorite old trees are just gone.  Others are changed dramatically.  In addition to being hard work physically and logistically, this is also an emotionally draining project.

Mix it up…

Not all spring tasks are like this, certainly.  As we tackle this daunting chore, it’s important to mix it up with other, easier chores, to bite off small bits, and to take it one step at a time. In addition, as Maggie suggests, it is very important to “check in with where you are mentally and spiritually and return to center as often as necessary.”  This helps to maintain momentum and avoid burnout, no matter what the task or the time challenge.

So, what kinds of chores are on your plate this spring? How do you manage your time and your energy as you move into spring? I’d love to hear!

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