Find Time for "Movement Moments" in Your Day!

Finding time to get everything done in a day doesn’t always leave a lot of space for giving yourself what you need.  And did you know that what you need includes movement?

If you spend a lot of time working on-line, your day might easily have you glued to the computer hour upon hour.  It can be engrossing work, but in order to be productive and take good care of yourself, it’s imperative that you find time to move.

Notice, I didn’t say find time to exercise.  That is very important, too – but right now it’s really just moving that I am talking about.   And all you need is a minute to give yourself what you need.

You see, our bodies are built to move.  Inside, we are perpetually moving, as our hearts beat, our blood flows, and our in-breaths are followed by out-breaths.  Sitting still for hours on end is a strain.  It leaves our bodies stiffening while our energy pools and gets sluggish.

The solution?

I suggest that you make sure that you create brief Movement Moments for yourself every 45-minutes or so.  Use a timer if that helps you stay on track.  At 45-minute intervals stop what you are doing, get up, and move in whatever way feels good to you.  (Do this in privacy, if you can, so that you don’t feel constrained.)  Here are some ideas for what you could do:

  • Jumping jacks;
  • Leg lunges;
  • Lifting small weights;
  • Going up and down stairs;
  • Doing sit-up’s or leg-lifts;
  • Stretching;
  • Whatever feels right at the moment!

Do the movements you choose vigorously for about a minute, then go back to work.  It hardly interrupts your flow, and it offers immense refreshment while it also gets your energy flowing again.

In addition, this kind of movement helps you avoid injury and health issues that can arise from lives that, while very busy, can also be very sedentary.

As you give yourself the gift of Movement Moments throughout your day, notice how they affect your energy, focus, and productivity.  Try keeping track of this for a week, and see what you discover.

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