Find Time for Planning … Not for Worrying

WorryFinding time for planning, and for telling the difference between planning and worrying, can be a challenge.  It’s one that we’ve had to confront head on here at Finding Time in recent days as we’ve worked to recover from unexpectedly losing our web host, web site, and most of our infrastructure.

Yesterday we took a major step in the recovery process, as we launched the import of our mailing lists to our new provider.  We planned carefully and notified a small number of people ahead of time.  Now the process is out of our hands and we wait.

Not worrying, but planning…

Meanwhile, there are lots of other things happening at Finding Time.  I’m preparing for planned teleclasses and putting the finishing touches on a new product … while also working on several others at various stages of completion.  This is wonderful, proactive, forward-looking work.

But even as we look ahead, at the back of all of our minds, we are pulled toward worry.  What will our list look like in a week?

To improve your planning power, distinguish planning from worrying!

This is a key concept to keep in mind – especially during times of change or transition.  Do what you can to make sure that things go smoothly, and then let go.

Worrying never helps.

Worrying only saps your energy for other things. Let go of what you can’t control, and turn that “worry energy” into “planning energy.”  Put it to good use.  It’s energy!  You aren’t at its mercy – it is shaped by your choices!

Transforming your worried moments into planning moments will involve letting go and making some conscious choices.  It will help you use your energy more creatively and proactively! Try it – and please drop me a line – I’d love to hear how it goes for you!

But this does…

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Let’s explore time together …


  1. Thanks for this great reminder, Paula, that the choice is mine. Love that point that I’m not at the mercy of my own energy.

    I’ll hold my best non-worrying thoughts for great outcomes for YOUR business, too. May you have seamless smooth transitions in this recovery process! Thanks again for this timely post.

    Janet Hilts

  2. Hi Janet – Thank you so much for your comments and good wishes. Our recovery process has gone well and we are now busily planning the launch of a new product, as well as some upcoming teleclasses. I’ll be sharing more details soon.
    To your time success!
    PS I thoroughly enjoyed exploring your site at

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