Find Time for Retweetist, Backtweets, and Repeets on Cyber Monday

Are you finding time for getting your week off to a good start this Cyber Monday?  I hope so!

twitter9gifI’ve got three Twitter tools to share with you today. They can all help you monitor Retweets and links.  Basically, they’ll help you know how people are responding to your tweets and to any links that you share in your Twitter feed.  They also can help keep you abreast of trending topics on Twitter.

The first tool is called backtweets. What this Twitter tool tracks are links that are shared on Twitter. You can type in any link you want, and backtweets will show you all the tweets in which that link appears, starting with the most recent. If you want to see whether other people are linking to your site or your blog posts, this is a great tool to use. You can use it to check other people’s links as well – or to view popular topics.

Repeets keeps track of popular retweets.  The way it works is you enter a twitter username and then Repeets will give you a list of Retweeted items. There is a number to the left of each item in the list, and if you click on that number you get a breakdown of the actual Retweets. This is a nice, quick way to view the people who are Retweeting your content.

Retweetist is similar to Repeets.  It will give you a running list of your retweets, and in addition, at the top of the screen, Retweetist gives you a chart reflecting your Retweet trends over time. This gives you a great overview of how popular your content is!

To give you an example of how this works, here are links to the data for Mashable (a very frequently retweeted member of the Twitterverse) in two of these three different venues:

  • Repeets.

Each tool offers useful information (in different formats and configurations) for tracking how your Tweets and links are being shared in the Twitterverse.

Do you find tools like these helpful as you expand your use of Twitter and its many applications?  I’d love to hear!

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