Find Time for Some Digital Media Resources from Mashable on Cyber Monday

Finding time to keep up with all the developments in the world of digital media is next to impossible.  There are so many different platforms, and so many thousands of applications and tools being developed and marketed for each that sorting out what’s what could be a full-time job.

That’s why I like to check sources like Mashable, Lifehacker, CNET, Wired, and occasionally – and most especially when they offer Top 10 Lists and other aggregations of information.  There are people for whom monitoring the digital world is a full-time job (as well as a passion).

So I take advantage of their good work periodically.  It’s a quick way to scan the digital landscape, and I nearly always notice something that interests me.

Today I want to share a weekend post from Mashable’s Matt Protonzio titled 47 Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed.  The entire post is worth a look, and here are just a few of the items that caught my eye:

With time at a premium, and digital media tools and opportunities changing every day, it’s worth taking a look at developments and trends at least weekly.  I suggest that you check out one of the venues noted above, and stay familiar with the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Not only that, but as you discover helpful tools, please let us know … we’d all love to hear!

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Let’s explore time together …

Disclosure of Material Connection: I have no material connection with any of the resources mentioned here, and have not received any compensation for writing this content.


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    Enjoyed your blog on procrastination, as well as this one. Thank you for making the world of work a little easier!

  2. Thank you, Jan – I am so glad that you found these posts helpful. If you have other time challenges that you’d like us to write about, please feel free to let me know – I’d love to be of service!



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