Find Time for Success and Abundance!

Finding time for success and abundance in your life … especially in today’s economic climate … may sound like an out-of-reach aspiration.

But I encourage you to take another look.

Many of us carry outmoded and self-limiting ways of thinking about things like time and money and success.  These are the small but persistent messages that tell us we CAN’T – when, quite likely, we CAN!  They are the inner voices that sap our energy and creativity … hobbling our efforts and diminishing our dreams.

In my work as a coach and teacher, I work with my clients as they become familiar with the negative thoughts and habitual snippets of self-talk that undermine their confidence and drive.  That’s because, once you’re able to see what’s happening, you can develop positive, inspiring and validating messages to counter the negativity.

I am not talking about being unrealistic.  Not at all!  It’s important for your dreams and goals to have roots, as well as wings!

But believe me, you are probably much closer to success than you imagine!

For some inspiring and proven tips on finding time for success by creating a healthy relationship with money (one free of fear and doubt, and rooted in a confident trust that you will always have enough), I am very excited to invite you to attend my FIRST FREE EducationRich and HeartBased Interview Teleseries!

Next Tuesday (that’s January 26th at 7PM) I’ll be interviewing one of my mentors … EnergyRICH® Entrepreneur Success & Master Coach Heather Dominick.  I am so excited to have Heather as my first guest!  She is an incredibly insightful, warm, experienced and engaging person.  She knows all about success, too – and I just know you’ll gain TONS from the call!

The interview is on Tuesday night, January 26th – from 7-8 PM ET.

Heather and I will be exploring topics like how to become an energy magnet, so that you can become successful in life … and Heather will also describe how she tripled her business and income three years in a row.

Are you ready to open to success and prosperity?  Ready to start exploring your full potential … setting aside the negative self-talk that holds you back?  Then join me on this great, FREE call!

What keeps you stuck?  Can I help?  Drop me a line …  I’d love to hear your experiences and thoughts about abundance and success!

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Let’s explore time together …

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