Find Time for Time Finder Favorites-December 2011

Finding time to look back as you begin something new always feels particularly important as a New Year arrives.  Today, along with looking back at Time Finder Favorites, I look ahead and wish you every time success in 2012!

So, what Time Finder posts piqued your interest in December?

Topping the list was a tech tip from early December titled Find Time to Explore the New and Improved Google Analytics: Timely Resources.  If you didn’t catch it, you will want to take a look, because the old version of Analytics was slated to no longer be available after 1/1/12.

So, now is the perfect time to delve into this powerful tool, learn about the new-and-improved version, and make sure that you have everything set up properly on the blogs and websites that you want to track.

If perfectionism is something that trips you up, you will want to check out our #2 post – Find Time to Free Yourself from the Perfectionism Trap-Your Heart Holds the Keys! – and explore the powerful keys that you hold in your hands.

Beating perfectionism means knowing in your heart of hearts that you are plenty good enough and that what you create and offer to the world from your heart is a gift to be cherished!

The third top post for December was a fascinating look at going paperless.  If this is something you’re considering as you start the New Year, read Finding Time to Go Paperless: De-clutter with 3 Time and Productivity Tips to get started.

Many of the advantages of going paperless are self-evident. It cuts down on clutter, may help reduce your carbon footprint, and can make it easier to find important documents.  However, finding time to move in a paperless direction necessitates making some fundamental changes in the ways that you work.

The next post in our list of December favorites was Find Time to Thrive by Focusing on Your Minutes to Optimize Your Hours!  It’s a new look at how you can use your time optimally and move through overwhelm easily …

As you use your minutes to achieve small goals, you’ll find that your larger goals are accomplished in your hours. And you will be amazed at how this reduces your stress, worry and bother!

And last but not least, there were several posts with holiday advice that will serve you well no matter what time of year it is.  Check out 3 Heart-Based Time Management™ Tips to Help You Find Time for a Lion-Hearted Holiday! and learn why courage is key to finding time …

Courage offers clarity and confidence. When you let your heart guide you, your sense of direction is clear. You can enter the whirlwind of the season with your feet firmly planted on the ground. Your sense of self-worth centers you and your clarity gives you direction as you make time choices.

One last bit of news that I’m so pleased to share, as I look back at 2011, is that The Time Finder was, for the second year in a row, featured as one of the Top 50 Productivity Blogs of 2011 by Evan Carmichael.  We are excited about this terrific honor … and privileged to be part of Evan Carmichael’s fantastic collection of productivity blogs.  We have posted the badge in our sidebar, so that you can visit the collection whenever you want – it’s an excellent resource for productivity ideas, information and tools.

And if you are interested in learning more about the Heart-Based Path, here’s one way that you can transform and deepen your relationship to time in the Heart-Based Way … I invite you to explore Secrets of Heart-Based Time Management™ – my chapter in the book I co-authored – Stepping Stones to Success!  In it I share my proven system for exploring and harnessing the power of your mind, your body and your spirit to help you deepen your experience of time and of your life.

As you work with the ideas I offer, you’ll explore your patterns, clarify your values, identify and prioritize your goals … and create your path for achieving them.  You can give yourself the gift of this wonderful resource today, and get started on your journey toward success, Stepping Stone by Stepping Stone …just click this link to get the details!

Let’s explore time together …

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