Find Time for Timing on Twitter

twitter9gifFinding time to accomplish everything that we need to each day calls for using time management skills in all of our activities.  That includes Twitter!

In the past I’ve written about managing Twitter time so that it doesn’t eat into the time you need for other tasks.  That may be the key challenge – at least for many – when it comes to Twitter.

Another aspect of time management that is important to consider with Twitter is how to make the most of your Tweets – so that the time spent is as useful as possible.

Nick Parkin posted an interesting entry in Twitip this past Tuesday.  It’s titled “In Life Timing is Everything.”  In this post he explores some ways we can use our time more effectively on Twitter.

He notes that you don’t need to read everything posted in your Twitter feed, and emphasizes the importance of timing your reading.  Don’t worry about missing things – you’ll quickly get back into the flow each time you dip into Twitter.

He also talks about the importance of knowing when your followers are usually Tweeting: 

Take the time to observe what time of day you get retweets, replies, and when your followers tweet. Those times are the times that you should be tweeting yourself.

Not only is it important to try to be online when the people you’re connecting with are, but it’s also important to try to observe and respond to their interests.

The key to effectiveness on Twitter is making sure that your Tweets have value – and in particular, that they have value to your followers!

Do you know when your friends and followers are generally tweeting?  Do you try to gear your tweets to their interests?  How is Twitter working for you? I’d love to hear!

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