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Twitter ToolsFinding time to use and manage all of the social-networking tools available to us can be a major challenge.  This is true whether your interest in social networking is to keep in touch with friends and family … or is to expand and deepen your connections in the on-line community.

This Cyber Monday I would like to share with you a tool which I read about this weekend on TwiTip – Darren Rowse’ blog about all things Twitter!  This particular post was a reader review by Jeff Russell of a Twitter tool called HootSuite.

As he notes in his post, HootSuite is a tool that he finds can help him “contribute to the twitosphere, but still have time to actually work and spend time with my family.”  The way that it does this is by automating a number of Twitter functions.

While there is debate in the twitterverse about things like automating and delegating tweets, there is certainly no debate about the time that it can save.  TweetLater is a tool that arrived on the scene earlier and can also be used to do this.  It works well for scheduling tweets and has a nice feature whereby you can store draft tweets for later (or repeated) use.

One of the features on HootSuite that sounded interesting was the ability to clip and tweet material right off the web using their Hootlet tool.  In addition, HootSuite has the capacity to integrate with your RSS feed(s) and tweet them at intervals you choose.  (This is a very nice feature and avoids the phenomenon, which some find annoying, of posting a string of tweets all in a row.)

HootSuite also allows multiple users to work in the same account – a functionality which is likely to be of great interest to larger business organization that are exploring the utility of Twitter!

Do you already use Twitter tools like TweetLater or HootSuite?  Are you ready to jump in and see whether they can help you find more time?  I’d love to hear how they work for you!

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