Find Time for What's Most Important to You Every Day-Day #2

Finding time for planning helps you see where your time goes.  That, in turn, helps you find time for the things that are most important to you.

How did you do with yesterday’s planning task?  Remember?  I suggested that you think of three things that you really wanted to do, write them down, and then revisit your list in the evening.

Planning can be very revealing. When we make a plan we are making a commitment – a promise to ourselves.  It makes our time choices more visible to us and introduces an element of accountability into our days.

The list you made yesterday was a very basic plan for your day, and going back to review it at night will always give you the opportunity to learn and adjust your planning as you move ahead.  The better you get at planning your time, the more productive, energetic, and satisfied you’ll feel each day!

Here are 3 more keys to making planning a useful and productive tool for you:

  • Look with love! When you are reviewing your list at night, don’t use the eyes of a harsh, critical taskmaster.  That will discourage you and most likely make you want to hide you time choices from yourself.  Look with love, curiosity, and compassion.  The more you open to yourself the more likely you are to learn and grow!
  • Flexibility is your friend! Your plan needn’t be rigid and unchanging.  Always remember, this is YOUR plan and YOU are in charge!  If you forgot to include laundry in your list for Tuesday, it’s okay to add it when you remember on Tuesday morning and bump something else to Wednesday.  Use your plan as a guide or a frame for your day … and don’t be afraid to flex it.
  • Thank yourself! Always, when you check in with yourself about your plan, validate your efforts AND validate your honesty.  Remember that learning lies as much in your mistakes as in your successes.  Give yourself a big pat on the back when you review your plans, and when you create new ones.  You might even come to look forward to your planning time!

My last suggestion to you is to do your check in and your planning before bed each night. This is important because it allows you to get a running start on your morning.  Also, bedtime is something that can be moved back a bit, when necessary.  Often mornings don’t allow you that kind of flexibility.  I find that if I plan to plan at night, I am sure to do it.

Is planning already a part of your life?  Do you want to start … and move toward making the invisible visible?  I’d love to hear how it goes for you … it’s a wonderful exploration of yourself!

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