Find Time for WordPress Super News on Cyber Monday

Finding Time to check out the available collection of WordPress Plugins is always interesting and often yields some very helpful results.

Back last summer the website MultiShades offered a list of  50 Ultimate Useful, Free WordPress Plugins and WidgetsSuper News was one of the Plugins listed and reviewed there.  My VA described it to me, and I was intrigued.

This plugin is basically a search engine that scans blogs and finds content, based on your search terms.  It then offers this content to you via code that it generates, providing links to the content and. if you wish, thumbnail images from the sites.

Below is content that we generated this morning based on the search terms “time, stress, holidays.”  The results are customizable, in that you have the ability to remove some results and add others before posting the code.

We are still exploring this interesting plugin.  Take a look at the search results.

I’d love to hear what you think of this plugin!

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