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Did you find time to hear Wednesday night’s EnergyRICH® Teleclass with Heather Dominick:   “The 6-Figure Foundational Success Secret You Must Have As A Healer Coach or Heart-Centered Entrepreneur”? It was  an amazing gathering of mastermind energy, and you can tap into that energy on the recording right here!

On the call, Heather got right to the heart of what it takes to Shift Entrepreneurial Fear, Gain the Commitment and to easily Move Your Prospects into joyful, high-paying clients.  She also introduced participants to a special offer for the February 2010 EnergyRICH® Business Boot Camp, which is now ALMOST Sold Out (in BOTH time slots)!  Heather doesn’t take more than 20 members in each time slot because it’s important to her that each ERBBC member receive intimate attention and energy.

You have until FRIDAY, February 5th to sign up for Heather’s ERBBC at the special rate of up to $100 off … and you can grab your special spot right away at this link!

“Before the EnergyRICH® Business Boot Camp I was frustrated with feeling like I had no control over my business and my success. I was always stressing out about how I’d be able to create the sales I really wanted and to have that support me financially. I felt uneasy when I talked to prospects, especially when it came to talking about price. And now, with Heather’s help, I have implemented the EnergyRICH® Prospects to Profits Process (P2P!).

With my P2P process set up, There is no longer any uneasiness at all about my rates and whether or not the prospect will become a paying client. Now that my P2P process is in place, I am actually excited from calls with prospects, and how I might help them! And I signed on 8 out of my original BC goal of 10 new clients!”


If you weren’t able to make the call, don’t worry, the AUDIO is posted and ready for you.  (Be sure to click “Play” and be ready to take notes – Heather gave away TONS of detailed info!)  It’s an incredible call – you’ll want to hear it!  Here’s what Heather covered:

  • How to be sure the fear of selling disappears.
  • How to be able to clearly communicate the value of what you’re here to offer. So much so that folks feel called to work with you!
  • How to have an effective EnergyRICH® Selling process that is consistently getting you the results and the money that you deserve.
  • How to have amped up EnergyRICH® materials that have people saying, “Yes, I want that!”
  • What to do to have a process that you can use over and over because you know confidently that it works.
  • A MUST: How to be confident in your marketing! So much so you are ready to be what Heather calls “Considerably Huge” … out in the world in a big, big way.

And as you listen, you’ll want to have your EnergyRICH® Success Sheet with you. You can download that here.

AND if you are ready to build your business from a place of serving, getting you results and leaving you feeling great about what you do … then I encourage you to check out this special offer (remember, it ends today).  Click the link to learn more, and access your savings of up to $100 on the next EnergyRICH® Business Boot Camp!

Again, this special rate is only available until February 5th.

What if you could find another hour every day? You can! You are invited to sign up for The Finding Time Success Kit. It’s FREE, and it provides you with key tools for your time success! Grab it and see how you can recharge your energy, reduce overwhelm and frustration, and come to learn that 24 hours really ARE enough!

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