Find Time for Your Time Finder Favorites from June

Finding time to move forward involves building on what has come before.  Looking back and assimilating the lessons of the past lends a firmer footing to each subsequent step.  That’s why I always appreciate the opportunity to review the past month on The Time Finder, as we survey the path ahead.

So, what were your Time Finder Favorites in June?  Here’s what the largest numbers of our readers gravitated toward:

Topping the list, at numbers 1 and 3 respectively, were two posts about your Time Gremlins.  We’ve also had a lot of great response to this subject in The Finding Time E-zine.  So, if you missed these posts (or want to refresh your memory) they are:  Finding Time to Outsmart Your Nastiest Time Gremlins and Finding Time to Stop Your Time Gremlins and Jump Start Yourself.  Take a peek – and let me know what you think – I’d love to hear!

Second on the list was a Cyber Monday post about finding time to make the most of your WordPress Blog.  Titled “Find Time for the Best WordPress Plugins on Cyber Monday” this post did just that!

Next up was a post from May that has remained a popular one with readers.  Finding Time to Stop and Really Listen to What You Tell Yourself About Your Time encourages reflection as a time management tool, as well as a path toward greater self-knowledge.

Finally, we had Find Time to Step Into Heart-Based Success … a subject that, as you might imagine, is very close to my heart!  We’ll be posting more about this in the coming days.

In the meantime, here’s something to consider as you embark on the first week of July …

Do you sometimes feel like time challenges are getting in your way at every turn?  Would you like to address them proactively so that you can find time to increase your effectiveness, efficiency, enjoyment … and heart-based success?

Then, I invite you to explore Secrets of Heart-Based Time Management – my chapter in the book I co-authored – Stepping Stones to Success!  In it I share my proven system for harnessing the power of your mind, your body and your spirit to help you explore your patterns, clarify your values, identify and prioritize your goals … and create your path for achieving them.

The in-depth interviews contained in this book provide practical and heart-based ideas to get you moving as you embrace yourself and your own uniqueness!  As one reader has said:

In fostering a climate of ever-expanding and deepening discovery, Paula’s system offers solutions that are founded in self-knowledge. They have a resonance and a wisdom that I find to be very unusual in the time management sphere.  Jordy Cornog, Canterbury, NH

You can give yourself the gift of this wonderful resource today, and get started on your journey toward success, Stepping Stone by Stepping Stone …just click this link to get the details!

What if you could find another hour every day? You can! You are invited to sign up for your FREE Finding Time Success Kit. It puts 3 key tools for your time success right into your hands! Claim it and see how you can recharge your energy, reduce overwhelm and frustration, and come to learn that 24 hours really ARE enough!

Let’s explore time together …

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