Find Time for Yourself Every Month


Rejuvenating your mind and body improves your overall effectiveness.


Set aside one day a month as a “vacation” day and mark it on your calendar. Use it any way you choose in the moment.

find-time-to-stay-healthyI can hear the rumblings of disbelief even as I finish typing the Finding Time Tip for this morning.  A whole day? Every month?

This is a tip that tests your assertiveness, your time boundaries, your self discipline and, perhaps most of all, your feelings about taking care of yourself.  Is self care even on your radar?

If you think of self care as your responsibility rather than a luxury, would you give it more attention and time?  Are you someone who works and works and works, finally stopping only when you are either felled by illness or simply too tired to do another thing?  Imagine how this pattern affects the quality of your work – and of your interactions as you accomplish your work.

I invite you to explore the idea of making … and then taking … some time for yourself to relax and rejuvenate.  Maybe you’ll need to start with something less than a full day. Don’t make it too hard for yourself – but stretch a little.  If this is new territory, it’s bound to feel uncomfortable at first.  As you get used to scheduling and taking some self care time, extend it.

Try making it your goal to take a whole day for yourself sometime in the next three months.  Work up to it gradually … and I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences as you experiment with self care in this way!

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Let’s explore time together …


  1. Oh my! I would love to be able to kick my self care goals up to an entire day dedicated to myself. At the moment, I push myself to do something, even if it be something small every week. I vow to kick it up another level soon!

  2. Hi Tyrika – It sounds like you are off to a good start on the self care front. It can definitely be a time challenge – but the benefits are well worth it. Good luck moving to the next level … and thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. (I loved taking a tour of your site, too!) Have a great day!

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