Find Time Management Success Using Time Boundaries

Finding time by setting and maintaining time boundaries is a sure path to successful time management. Why are time boundaries so important?

sieveWell, trying to manage your time without having time boundaries is a little like trying to get yourself a drink of water using a sieve.  Your daily allotment of 24-hours will pour right through the sieve, leaving you thirsty and wondering what happened to all that time.

Your choices are key.

Our hours and minutes move along, flowing like a river, no matter what we do.  It’s a given.  The power that we can exercise relative to our time is in how we structure our use of it. This includes the choices that we make about our time priorities.

But clarifying our time priorities won’t be meaningful unless we use time boundaries to put them into effect. Time boundaries give shape to our activities in time.  This is because the time that we have to work with is finite – while our tasks, interests, and priorities generally are not.

There is always more than enough to do. So, in order to actually address our priorities, what we say no to becomes as important as what we say yes to.

The time boundaries that we set create the space for addressing what we have identified as important. If we don’t create the space, other things will intrude, and we will never address our priorities.  We’ll be in the eternally frustrating position of using a sieve to take a drink!

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And this helps, too.

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  1. I completely agree and just tweeted about the same thing this morning!

    Setting time boundaries for work and play ensures we have plenty of time for both!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Elizabeth. I appreciate your comment – and will look for your tweets!

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