Find Time on Cyber Monday: Here are Some Quick Google Search Tips for You!

GooglingFinding time when you are working on-line is an ever-evolving process. That’s because your needs and interests keep changing, as do the on-line tools for finding what you need on the web.  So, doing your best to keep up with the latest efficiencies and innovations can really help to save you time in this fast-paced milieu.

Perhaps the most ubiquitous tool on the web right now is Google.  This search engine giant is your doorway to, quite literally, millions … or, more accurately, billions … of bits of information.  From the weather forecast to the correct spelling of a word to books and poems and TV shows, Google is, for many, where the journey starts.

That’s why, this Cyber Monday, I was so pleased to find some articles offering some quick Google search tips.  The first is by Simon Mackie and is titled “10 Simple Google Search Tricks.”

Here’s just one of the tips he shares … using Google search as a way to check your spelling when you’re unsure.  It’s so much quicker than reaching for the dictionary when you’re in the middle of writing something.  Give it a try!  You can also check definitions very quickly that way, just to be sure that you’re using a word correctly.

There are also some very interesting possibilities offered in this article – ways to use different “operators” to narrow your search.  For example, here’s one that many might be able to relate to …

Exclude specific terms with the – operator. You can narrow your searches using this operator. For example, if you’re looking for information about American Idol but don’t want anything about Simon Cowell, you could try: “american idol” -cowell

Then we’ve got some tips from Google itself!  I love the fill-in-the-blank suggestion:  “Madam Curie died in.”  That search yields the following top result on Google:

Marie Curie Died — 4 July 1934 (aged 66) Passy, France

Are there time-saving tricks that you use when searching on Google?  Drop me a line or write a comment here – I’d love to share more search tips with everyone!

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