Find Time on Cyber Monday to Explore Gremln: The New and Improved TwAitter That's Coming Soon

Finding time to keep up with innovations in social media can be a full time task.  As long-time users of TwAitter, we here at Finding Time have appreciated the ability to offer scheduled tweets of our timely tips, time quotes, and other material so that we can share this great material with as many people as possible.

We recently received an e-mail from TwAitter letting us know that they are soon replacing this tried and true friend with a new and improved social media tool called Gremln.  In addition to the functionalities that TwAitter provided (which Gremln continues to offer) this new tool, as described by Kyle Welborn in his post on, provides “… web-based software for businesses to engage in social networks and calculate the return on investment for the time and money they spend doing it. In addition, Gremln provides a consumer sentiment tool to help businesses understand how people are talking about them on the web.”

One of the things that made TwAitter unique was that, as part of it’s free service, it allowed users to rotate and repeat their tweets. Other applications might provide a similar functionality – but we haven’t seen it offered for free elsewhere.

Repeating tweets is helpful, because Twitter, in particular, is a platform that people generally visit for brief periods.  If they aren’t on line when you happen to tweet, it’s likely that they will never see it … unless you tweet again.   I remember reading a post about this in Social Media Examiner where Dino Dogan wrote that, “Guy Kawasaki repeats his tweets four times with at least several hours in between. I repeat my tweets every few days but do not limit myself to four.”  So, for putting out information that is helpful to tweeple, we think this is a great capacity to use (not abuse)!

We are especially pleased to hear that, at this time at least, the plan for Gremln is to continue to offer the free service that TwAitter has provided, and to also offer an enhanced subscription service for businesses and power users.

Do you use a tool like TwAitter … or are you interested in taking a look at Gremln?  Here’s a quick video outlining Gremln’s features … and we’ll let you know when we get word that it’s gone live!

Maybe Gremln can help you simplify and amp up your social media efforts … and find more time for what matters most!

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Disclosure of Material Connection: I have no material connection with TwAitter or Gremln, and have not received any compensation for writing this content.

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