Find Time to Appreciate Your Many Communities

CommunityFinding time for appreciation is a key component in nurturing relationships and nurturing yourself. Indeed, seeing life through a lens of gratitude is one of the most powerful moment changing and life transforming forces there is.

This has been a busy and week at The Time Finder, and in my practice.  It’s easy to let stress take over when you’re busy.  So I’m pausing, as another NH snowstorm sifts through the trees this morning.  I’m finding time to feel how much I appreciate my friends and family, my clients, my mentors, and my virtual community!

When we discovered the issue with my blog this past weekend,  my VA first searched the web for answers.  The world wide web community came through with flying colors, and she was able to track down some very helpful ideas and begin to pinpoint the problem.

I next reached out to people I knew would probably be familiar with the issue and be able to help … people like Cathy Perkins, The WordPress Wizard. Cathy was immediately responsive and addressed the problem we’d identified within moments of its coming to her attention.  Thank you Cathy!

I wrote about my experience on Twitter, and received numerous responses that either offered ideas or gave support and understanding.  All of those Tweets were wonderfully warming.  I feel very grateful to my Twitter friends … folks like Wendy Battles and Connie Ragen Green, who managed to “inject” a refreshing note of humor into my tale of woe!  Each Tweet lifted my spirits.

Finding time to offer support is wonderful gift.  It is a warm reminder that we are surrounded by ring upon ring of community. There are the neighborhoods, towns, cities, and nations in which we physically live and move. There are the communities that we create out of common values and common interests. And woven through it all, more and more, there are the virtual communities that we connect with.

I so appreciate all of my communities, and the ways that we all find time to reach out to one another and connect!

What are your communities?  How do you find time to nurture community in your life?  Leave a comment or drop me a line – I’d love to hear!

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