Find Time to Avoid Productivity Traps and Keep Moving!

Finding time to avoid productivity traps and get things done – isn’t that what we’re all striving for?

It’s a goal we all share – and I am guessing that most of us share some productivity traps, too. So, let’s explore a couple that may feel familiar to you today.

One of the biggest traps to avoid, when it comes to time and productivity, is the idea that working faster is going to “get you there” faster. In fact, quite the opposite is true, most of the time.

Slow down…

It’s counter-intuitive, I know. The more stressed and overwhelmed you feel, the more you are inclined to rush. But when you start rushing, you are going to miss steps, make mistakes, and, ultimately, lose precious time. In addition, you may undermine trust or suffer other, significant fallout as a result of giving in to this impulse to go faster.

And focus…

The other major productivity pitfall has to do with focus … or, more precisely, with losing focus. Picture us all, in our information-saturated era. We have our phones and iPads and laptops. Scarcely a moment passes that we’re not doing something productive. Right?

But here’s the thing: Staying on track as you navigate through all of the websites and news items and tweets and videos is challenging. Sometimes I’m sure it can feel a little like trying to walk your 5-year-old past the ice cream store on a hot summer day.

Keep in mind that getting sidetracked and losing focus doesn’t stop time. Distraction just leads to inaction. And when your productivity grinds to a halt … that clock on your wall keeps ticking away.

Don’t panic…

Finding time to avoid the kinds of traps that sap your energy, focus, and productivity often involves the opposite of what your impulse might be. So don’t let panic take the lead.  Panic dilutes and scatters your energy.  Instead, take a deep breath, and:

  • When you feel pressed to go fast, slow down.
  • When you feel like everything is clamoring for your attention NOW, assert your boundaries, say no, and refocus on your task. The rest will wait.

You will be amazed at how much of a difference these two simple, and seemingly counter-intuitive, strategies can make.

Stay tuned …

Next week I’m going to share 5 actionable tips for avoiding productivity pitfalls and keeping yourself on your most efficient and effective track ever.  You can do it!  There’s a different way to be in your day, and I’d like to share it with you.

And for more help now…

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