Find Time to Banish Guilt and Revitalize Yourself Today!

Finding time becomes next to impossible when you allow yourself to be driven by guilt.  Have you ever woken up joyful, excited about the day ahead… and then, you experience a stab of regret?

Maybe a recent mistake entered your mind. You fixed it right away when it happened, but somehow that doesn’t feel like enough. You think you’d like to do something special to demonstrate how sorry you are, but that takes more time than you have. On top of that, a friend or family member wants a favor.  Despite how busy you are.

You rack your brains – can you squeeze it all in? Can you please and appease everybody? Suddenly, you feel short of breath. Guilt has a chokehold on you, and you feel drained, diminished … and trapped.

It’s useful to explore how guilt colors your daily choices.

  • Do you easily say No to others’ excessive demands?
  • Do you give away your time to avoid their accusing stares?
  • And how big a bite do regret and remorse take out of your day, your month, and your year?

Well, here’s encouraging news: no matter what mistakes you’ve made, or who feels disappointed, guilt does not belong in your life!  Not only that, but when you banish guilt, you revitalize yourself in the process.

Experience how your energy changes as you discard one common myth about guilt, using decisiveness and compassion:

MYTH: “Guilt proves I have a conscience and am a good person.”

To counter this myth and revitalize yourself, step in with a clear-eyed dose of reality and a powerful affirmation.

REALITY: Guilt keeps me stuck in shame and anger.

As you put aside your guilt you can embrace your power to learn and grow! Accept your fallibility, treat yourself with genuine compassion, and let yourself move on.

AFFIRMATION: “I refuse to give in to guilt. I befriend my mistakes to learn valuable lessons!”

When you give yourself the gift of this affirmation everything looks different.  It’s like the sun breaking through clouds.  You revitalize yourself with this powerful (and empowering) shift in your perspective.

Are you feeling ready to start to banish your guilt and revitalize yourself?  What does that process look like for you? Picture it, make it real, and drop me a line – I’d love to hear how it goes!

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Let’s explore time together …

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