Find Time to Be More Productive with Compassion: 3 Myth-Busting Time Tips

Finding time for what matters most demands both flexibility and focus.  And when it comes to activating these two powerful keys, compassion makes all the difference in the world.  That’s because compassion opens the door to insight – and when you need to be productive, responsive, and zero in on your priorities, compassionate insight is at once clarifying and freeing.

Compassion helps you know yourself and let go of misguided thinking about time that you may have learned as you grew, and that hobbles you now.  Here are 3 examples of myths that you can let go of – opening up to a more realistic and compassionate perspective.  This is a shift that will help you live more freely and energetically … and get the results you want!

Myth #1: “If I keep running faster, I’ll eventually catch up!”

Compassionate Reality #1: “If you can’t keep pace with your expectations, develop new, attainable standards.”

As you can see, this is a fundamental change in perspective that lets you return your focus to working well, rather than obsessing on what might pass you by. When your time choices are true to who you are, you will never be left behind. Slow and steady wins the race.

Myth #2: “Only cutting out time for personal fulfillment will give me time to get everything taken care of.”

Compassionate Reality #2:  “Meeting your own needs is the cornerstone of good decision-making.”

Successful time management requires clear priorities, and you make your best decisions when you are rested, reasonably relaxed, and feeling secure within yourself. So treat yourself as a finely calibrated instrument. The more attuned you are to your own changing needs, the better use you’ll make of your time. Not only that, but the more you let yourself fully enjoy life’s small and large pleasures, the more easily you can let go and simplify without feeling deprived.

Myth #3: “I should just do what (X) does – which means I should be like (X).”

Compassionate Reality #3: “Success begins with actively appreciating who you are.”

Affirm yourself and your personal progress. Consider others as gifts in your life, not standards to live up to. The more you see and appreciate your actual strengths, the more effectively you will relate to your time challenges. Your decisions will more consistently address your real needs (not what you think you should need). As you directly benefit from these choices, you generate a positive cycle of realistic assessment and decisive self-confidence.

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