Find Time to Boost Your Productivity with Some Tools from Gmail Labs!

Finding time to make the most of every second you spend at the computer is a good way to maximize efficiency and free yourself up for exploring new, creative ideas, getting ahead on some tasks, or maybe relaxing, revitalizing, and refreshing yourself!

I recently came upon this post on Mashable re. some excellent productivity tools that you can access if you are a Gmail user.  The article focuses on some tools developed in Gmail Labs … which is basically a collection of “experiments” developed by Gmail staffers.  They range from the puzzling to the amusing to the very useful.  As they say on the site:

Gmail Labs is a testing ground for experimental features that aren’t quite ready for primetime. They may change, break or disappear at any time.

If (when) a Labs feature breaks, and you’re having trouble loading your inbox, there’s an escape hatch. Use

That link will take you right back to your inbox.

The Mashable post focuses on the latest and greatest in the useful category.  Among them is a tool for sending your e-mails in the background (enabling you to return to your tasks more quickly) and another called “Canned  Responses” which enables you to create and choose from a list of frequently-used responses to e-mails.

“Message Sneak Peek” allows you to preview messages without opening them – another big time saver.  And if you are a Gmail user, you may also be interested in 10 More Gmail Tips from Mashable.

One final note about Gmail (and other web-based e-mail services).  As my VA recently discovered, if you ever have computer difficulties, web-based venues like Gmail allow you to stay in touch and productive no matter what.

That can be a big time-saver, say when you are getting a new computer system up and running, as she was this past week.  Her desktop e-mail software wasn’t working properly, but she was able to send and receive key information via Gmail.

Have you considered Gmail or another web-based e-mail provider for yourself?  According to Mashable, 70% of survey respondents @ a year ago preferred Webmail.  What’s been your experience?  I’d love to hear.

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