Find Time to Boost Your Twefficiency (That's Twitter-Plus-Efficiency) on Cyber Monday: 10 Timely Twitter Tools!

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Finding time to be more efficient in the time you spend on Twitter (and on social-networking in general) is always a good idea.

You know the challenges.  Your time is limited, so you want to spend it where it’s most useful.  You want to connect and interact AND you don’t want to get so caught up in connecting and interacting on the web that you lose track of other things that you need to do.

So, here’s one important tip, before you read any further.  Grab a timer or check your watch, and promise yourself that you’re going to spend no more than 15-minutes reading this post and exploring the tools cited here.  Some of the tools are so interesting, you might find yourself spending more time than you intended … and that’s certainly not something The Time Finder wants to encourage!  😉

There was a recent post by Leonhard Widrich on Design Modo titled “10 New Twitter Tools to Boost your Productivity” that compiled 10 time-saving Twitter Tools that you might find helpful and illuminating in your on-line work.

I’ll highlight just two that were especially interesting to me:

Buffer:  This seems like a very helpful application for sharing information without flooding your Twitter feed all at once.  It addresses the time challenge presented by the fact that it works best (from an efficiency standpoint) to spend focused time on Twitter … but that’s NOT how you want your Tweets to flow out into the Twitterverse.  So, enter Buffer.  As they say on their site:

Never flood your followers again.

Add Tweets to your Buffer and we spread them out for you during the day.

This appears to be a very useful Twitter Tool, and one that we’ll be adding to our collection.

Another useful (and highly customizable) tool is Twilert.  If you use Google Alerts, this will be a familiar concept to you.  Basically, Twilert will send you an e-mail update about Tweets containing keywords or hashtags you want to follow … at intervals that you determine.

Here’s a quick video, showing you how Twilert can work for you …

And as you take steps to explore tools to increase your Tweffiency, let me know how it goes … I’d love to hear!

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Let’s explore time together …

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